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Computer Program - an online service provided by its owner for accesses to the service.

Registration - a procedure necessary for user verification and access to the personal account, the functions of the site.

Personal Account – an electronic interface of the service management that can be accessed with the help of user access identifiers received by the user after the registration procedure; self-service system is designed for the following actions of the user: to use the service, to view personal statistics of the service use, to set the elements of the interface, to change personal data, to suspend and resume the use of the service.

Confidential Information - this is information relating to the computer program provided by the owner and is not generally known, as well as the user's personal data that he/she wishes to keep secret.

The Partner (the seller) - a legal entity registered on the online service that provides a product to be sold (in the corresponding section of the computer program) with discounts compared to their own retail prices for the goods (provided for use in case fulfillment of certain conditions by the user of the computer program).

Network Offer - specific amount of goods at a discount, which is provided by the Partner for purchase, when the conditions of such an offer are fulfilled. The process is displayed in the specific area of the webpage.

Bid (Group) – the user’s intention to receive goods under certain conditions offered by the Partner, either alone or together with other members, when the bid’s conditions are fulfilled.

Flexible Bid – a bid, under the terms of which the goods are reserved without any volume limit, the discount grows until the end of bid’s validity period.

Fixed Bid – a bid, under the terms of which it is obligatory to specify a limit on the volume of goods and a fixed discount, which does not change throughout the entire period of bid’s activity.

Creating a Bid - forming a group with the purpose of reserving and further purchase of certain amount of product at a discount, based on the offers of the Partners.

Joining a Bid – user’s participation in a group already created by another user.

Bid’s Status - status of the order at the moment, depending on its activity.

Bid Fulfillment - successful closure of the bid, followed by the payment and purchase of the goods (with regard to the appropriate discount) by the user.

Bid Deactivation – closure of the bid, after which the reservation made by the participants of the Group is cancelled; all users leave the group without purchasing the declared reserve.

Internal User Account – user’s internal financial balance that can be used for reservation of the goods in the Groups.

Funds Blocking – temporary reservation (freezing) of funds on the user’s bank card until the closure of the bid.

Return of Blocked Funds – the return of temporarily blocked amount of funds in case of the Bid Deactivation.

Funds Writing-Off - direct debiting from the user’s bank card after the successful closure of the bid.

QR code – matrix two-dimensional barcode that contains information about the user, the Partner, the type of goods, the price of goods at a discount, the amount of the purchased goods (the unselected goods residues), the code validity period. QR-code is presented in the Personal Account after fulfillment of all the bid’s conditions and payment by the user. QR-code serves as a background for refueling on the respective petrol station.



2.1 Registration

Any individual can register online and receive an individual login and password that are required for logging in (authentication in the system) in order to access the service.

Registration page is accessible through the home page of the website by clicking the buttons "I want to save" or "Register" on the top panel. Then the user is redirected to the registration page. You will need to fill in your e-mail address and set a password to log in.

You can find the Agreement on the same page. If you agree to all terms of this Agreement, click "I agree to the terms and conditions of service". After successful registration, you will be e-mailed a link to confirm your registration. After that you are allowed to authorize (by clicking the "Login" button on the home page).

When the user confirms registration by clicking on the link sent to the e-mail address, the user also confirms unconditional acceptance of the terms of Agreement.

2.2 Authorization

You need to be authorized (by entering your username and password specified during the registration process) to start using the website. After successful logging in you will be directed to your personal account. If you have forgotten your password, use the password reminder service using the link "Forgot you password?", which is placed above the “Password” field. Enter your e-mail address (specified during registration); you will be sent a link to update your password.

Press the "Logout" button on the upper panel to finish every session of use of the website.



3.1. Personal information

The access to the personal account is available after logging in completed by registered users. Personal account is a set of personal data which can be edited ("Edit profile" button). These data are needed for the system to select the offers and notifications for you correctly. The more information is filled the more relevant they are.

3.2. Account Sections

  • “My Finances”. The internal account is provided for the user to form funds in advance in order to perform the fuel reservation more efficiently. The internal account balance, the amount of available and blocked funds are displayed in the internal account. You can deposit money on the internal account by clicking the "Internal Account Management" button and "Add Account" button in the following window.
  • “My Fuel”. It is a storage of information about active and used coupons (QR-codes). It is possible to separate the QR-code into several pars in the same section;
  • “To Be Over Soon”. It is a list of all the groups the user participates in, "All My Groups" button directs to the details of the bids. The bid with the closest closure date is always displayed on the tile; the "Change" button helps to view details and reserve goods.
  • “Messages and Notifications”. This section is devoted for messages about current updates of the account and service notifications, group status notifications and validity periods of the QR-codes. The "Full message history" link takes you to the page with a list of all messages and notifications that you received from the date of registration.
  • “Interesting Offers”. The "All Groups" button takes you to the list of all current bids and offers from petrol stations. You can join any group or create your own, these functions are also available through the "Partners" tab. The "All Offers" button leads you to all current offers of petrol stations.



4.1. Network Offers

Use "All offers" button to go to all current offers of petrol stations (“Interesting Offers” tile in your personal account), filters will help you choose the most relevant options. You can also access this page through the "Partners" button at the top panel of the site.

4.2. Creating a bid

You can find a form for creating a bid under "Create a Group" button. There are to types of bids: fixed and flexible.

4.2.1. Flexible application is divided into several stages (which were announced in the network offer) to achieve discounts according to the volume.

Flexible bid scale includes several sections:


4.2.2. Fixed bid is created with fixed volume and amount of dicount available after the specified volume is reached.

Fixed applications scale:


 After you select the type of bid and click "Create a Group", you can choose the amount of fuel, reserve it and make payment (block funds). The funds can be blocked from the user’s card through Privat24 or from the user’s internal account.

4.3. Joining the Bid

Use "All Current Groups" to see all current bids that have already been created by other users.

By clicking "Join" you get to the form with detailed information about the group. Having reserved a certain amount of fuel, you become a member of the bid.

Distinctive features of the bids:


Flexible bid

Fixed bid

Bid parameters

-         Petrol station name;

-         Region;

-         Type of fuel;

-         Price;

-         Discount that corresponds to the reserved amont of fuel;

-         Validity period of the bid;

-         Validity period of the QR-code.

Discount formation

The discount depends on the amount of reserved fuel at the time of the bid’s closure. If successful, all participants of the bid receive the same discount.

A fixed discount is set at the moment of the bid’s opening, and it is not to be changed during the bid’s existence. If successful, all participants of the bid receive the same discount.

The basis for the bid’s fulfillment

1. The offer/bid expiration. The participants receive the amount of discount that has been reached at the moment of bid’s closure.

2. Сollection of the maximum amount of fuel/discount ahead of schedule.

Collection of the specified amount of fuel ahead of schedule.

The basis for the bid’s deactivation

This type of bid can be closed any moment. The only key factor is the deadline.

If the minimum amount of discounted fuel is not reached at the deadline, the bid is cancelled, participants do not get a discount.

Expiration of the offer/bid.

If the needed volume is not reached at the deadline, all participants automatically leave the group and do not get the discount.

Possibility to leave the bid

Allowed. The user can leave the group at any time before its closure, but this will lead to a lowering of the user’s conscientiousness status.

Not allowed. The user cannot leave this type of bid during its activity and until its closure.

Funds blocking after the creation/joining the bid

The blocking is brought about according to the price that is specified in the offer of the petrol station.

Return of blocked funds

The return of the blocked funds is carried out immediately after the bid is closed (bid cancellation).


Funds withdrawal is carried out according to the discount, which is determined at the time of the fulfillment of the bid.

Funds withdrawal is based on the fixed discount that was set by the bid settings.

QR-code obtainment

QR-code is generated in your personal account immediately after the funds are debited from the card.



5.1. QR-code obtainment

Each participant receives a unique QR-code immediately after the payment (successful completion of the bid), which is displayed in the "My Fuel" section. The user is also notified by the system. If you are a member of several groups, you get a separate QR-Code at the moment of closure of each of the bids.

This code contains the following information:

- The name of the Partner company;

- The type of fuel and the amount of purchased fuel;

- Discount price;

- Region of use;

- Validity period.

5.2. Terms of Use of the QR-code

The owner of the QR-code can use it at any convenient time, as many times as needed to use the purchased amount of fuel.

The coupon is valid during the period specified in the offer.

You can use the coupons more comfortably, if you divide them further into smaller pars.

In the case of loss, it is possible regenerate the code, that is, to create a new code without data loss.

The QR-code is deactivated by the administrator if the Agreement or the rules of the website are violated.  It is deactivated by the user in case of loss or theft.



The page contains current information about the network offers, discounts, completed user actions, changes in the groups, system notifications and any updates that occur on the site. Notification filter is available.

The mobile version of the service includes the possibility of receiving Push-notifications about discounts and offers, as well as joining and creating new bids that meet your search parameters.



The service provides monitoring of active and unscrupulous users.The rating grows according to the number od successful purchases and lowers when the number of bids left by the user increases.



You have the opportunity to see your individual statistics of consumption and expenses according to the costs and petrol station types, to trace the dynamics of the network price.



Group administrator is a user who creates the bid and makes the first reservation of fuel on the basis of the network offer. Any registered user of the site can be an administrator.

Group administrator has no advantages over other members of the group and cannot force other memnbers to leave the group.



Service administrator is an authorized individual, who monitors the actions of the users of the site, compliance with the Agreement and the rules of the website, as well as the accuracy of the information on the site.


For any questions please contact our customer support: